Sunday, 22 January 2012

Second sock's real!

Or maybe it isn't. You see, I'd read about it long before I set about a sock with a hook or needle, and thought, that won't happen to me. Of course it did, but would it have had I not read an article about it in a magazine? I don't's no longer a testable theory and you probably don't care.

The fact remains that I now have three odd and completely different socks sitting in a basket I've had to allocate for that very purpose, without partners. Yes, you read that right. Sock fatigue apparently has no effect on my ability to start a new pair of socks, just making the second one of an existing project.

So, I have a brand new notebook that I'm going to start listing unfinished projects in. Yes, my unfinished projects are now so numerous that they require a list, and potenially their own spreadsheet. Uppermost on my new list in my new notebook will be those socks; two crocheted and one knitted, each crying out for partners.

The plan is to do the knitted one first as this is for my partner, the Victorian Dad, who kindly bought me my lovely little double pointed needle set for Christmas, which makes him the most deserving case. (Reader, I domestically co-habited-ed him!)

The other two projects will be for the Folksy shop, although there are a couple of finished handmade pairs there already for anybody who's interested. I think I'm going to try and keep the sock in my work bag and do it on my commute (approximately 30 minutes twice a day), or my lunch break if I can tear myself away from my Metro. Actually, there is a lady who gets on the same carriage as me on the journey home out of London who is always knitting, and I'm wracked with guilt every time I see her clicking away, so I'll make a concerted effort.

Once the socks are done, I've a few ongoing blankets and scarves that aren't going to see the light of day until summer if I'm not quick.

Wish me luck!

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