Sunday, 21 August 2011

Crocheting on the train, and why it really isn't a good idea with coffee

I think you can guess what happened there, but fortunately I was making an acrylic blanket so I'm pretty sure it will wash okay. There seems to be a lot of sniffyness around the use of acrylic in hand-knitting and crocheting these days, but as a Mum of a two year old, I've got to say it makes life easier. Even when I was Mum to an ickle baby I happily used the gorgeous pink acrylic blanket I made my girl and managed not to chaffe her or make her itch. I have and still have a stash of beautiful handmade blankets made by friends and family that are, and remain, stored safely away from sick and poo and paints. Having said that, there really is nothing lovelier for a much loved infant that a beautiful, expensive looking blanket made of bamboo or silk or some other such fabulously expensive yarn. Even if it is just for best. There's definitely room in the market for both, or there should be.

So trains...Well, I live just outside and work in London, and commuters on these lines don't bat their eyes at anything. Said eyes are usually glued to ipod, smart phones or kindles anyway, but my point is that I can knit or crochet quite comfortably without feeling too conspicious. Okay, so I'm not at home with my youngster crocheting with her whilst waiting for our fresh cupcakes to bake, but I have to take what opportunites I can, and if that means crafting on the commute then that makes me a crafty commuter. Getting a seat, however, that's a completely different matter.

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