Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Unfinished projects and their part in my downfall.

Ok, so the title is a tad dramatic, but it's really more of a prediction than a title.

I've just had a quick inventory and realised that other than the turquoise shawl, I've yet to actually finish and list a product for sale this year, which confused me somewhat as I distinctly remembered starting many new projects.

And then it all became clear. Yes, I've started a fair few. Then, I start more, and I don't seem to have got around to finishing the ones I had already started. In summary, this is my outstanding work load:

1) The second sock for the Victorian Dad; currently stuck in the boring bit between turning the heel and toe decreases.

2) Red lacy scarf. This one was for me only due to the inferiority of the yarn (see previous post). But then I thought that the colour might make a lovely red-riding hood inspired, erm, red-riding hood for the Tinky Tonk to dress up in, so I might unravel it. I might not.

3) Purple granny square blanket. I do a bit now and again. Meh.

4) My liberty wool scarf. I should have finished this, but then thought I migt prefer to unravel it and make leg warmers. I haven't done either.

5) Chenile scarf. I forgot about this actually, but now that I've found it again I might crack on.

6) Crocheted shell socks. As I was only half-way through the first and have been for, oh, a few months, I might as well unpick it.

7) Silky moss-stitch knitted scarf. I love doing this whenever I do pick it up, but rarely do at the moment.

I could go on, but I'm guessing you've got the overiding theme here, so I won't.

So what's going on, you may, but probably didn't ask. Well, I'll tell you anyway. Firstly, all three of us have been very poorly with a nasty pants virus this week and have had very little sleep. There have been moments when knitting or crocheting, much like holding a magazine or book, have been far too exerting to contemplate, and I've been capable of doing nothing more than lying on the sofa watching television, and having a very whingy and futile debate with Himself about who's more ill (the loser has to wash/feed/interact with the Tinky Tonk, who's also all ill and stroppy, poor thing).

This horrid illness is making me lose my enthusiasm for my ongoing projects, much as it made Viv lose his easy-going approach to communal living* However this is only a recent development, and can't be wholly responsible for my ongoing crapness.

There's the day job, of course, but that doesn't really cut into my outside time. The commute, however, does. I was full of good intentions this year to use that time a little more wisely; especially for small projects like the socks. What actually happened there though, was that I discovered how to upload my DVD's to my laptop and then download them onto my Ipod. So I've been watching films on the train. Not knitting.

The Victorian Dad, who is very fond of offering unsolicited opinions, has helpfully and selflessly offered me advice in the past about limiting my on-going projects to two or three and not starting new ones until I finish one. Largely, I ignore him. But in this case he might, just might have a point. I think from now on I shall have to refrain from immediately dropping everything everytime a new idea or fancy takes me, and just knuckle on down with what I've got. I also seem to have a problem with having a 'better' idea for the yarn as I'm halfway through a project; perhaps I ought to also ignore the voices that urge me to unravel and make something else (although the voices that urge me to ignore the housework are always diverting).

The new regime starts from next week though, because today I started a She-Ra jumper for the Tinky Tonk. Hey, I never said it would be easy!

*I really hope that somebody gets The Young Ones reference, lest I look like an utter twat.

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